Trins 128, A-6152 Trins



The perfect solution for easy installation and commissioning – put in place up and start!

power generation

Solar panels “Made in Austria” charge the integrated battery. The electricity is then available 24/7.

charging station

Depending on the e-bike brand, different charging solutions are possible.

100% pre-assembled  

The SOLPORT bike will be delivered mechanically and electrically fully assembled.


Individual SOLPORT Bikes can be combined into larger systems.

Monitoring and
remote access

Web access always keeps an eye on energy production and energy consumption.
Also remote control is possible!

~2,5 kWh of storage

Our storage works in summer as well as in winter.

WLAN Hotspot

The optional Wi-Fi hotspot provides surfing fun during charhing.


Our new SOLPORT Bike is a charging station for e-bikes, which converts the power required for charging environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral directly from the sun’s energy.
The SOLPORT Bike can be used on- and off-grid.


with advertising set 

with lockable cabinet

with advertising set and lockable cabinet

without floor element 

without floor element, 
with advertising set  

without floor element,
   with lockable cabinet

without floor element,
with advertising set and lockable cabinet

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