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The SOLPORT Bike was designed as a self-sufficient, off-grid solution, but can also be connected to existing power grids.

By default, the SOLPORT Bike bike comes complete with a wood-decked floor. The hidden extra weight under the floor also serves as a foundation – making it a real mobile power plant!

If a foundation already exists on site, the SOLPORT Bike without the ground unit can be installed directly on it.

In each offered variant, following components and features are included::

  • curved, ultra-light solar panels “Made in Austria” with a total output of approx. 1.4 kWp
  • 1 sine wave inverter
  • 4 charging points with 230V Schuko sockets including child safety
  • 4 sophisticated bike racks for secure storage of valuable e-bikes
  • 4 shelves for the chargers

The foundation option with included weight foundation adds following:

  • a foundation solution that requires no further attachment to the ground! Thus the ist das SOLPORT Bike:
    • mobile
    • regardless of the ground conditions on site
    • free from concrete work
    • a real complete solution!
  • a beautiful and durable wooden floor

If the SOLPORT Bike is electrically designed as an off-grid solution, the following additional components are included

  • storage: 2,5 kWh
  • charging electronics

FI Schutz

Länge, Breite, Höhe, Gewicht, lichte Höhe

Oberfläche: verzinkt

Boden: europäische Lärche

Module: hagelsicher, Überkopfzulassung

Ladepunkte für 4 E-Bikes

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