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Our SOLPORT 2K optimally protects your (e-) vehicles against snow, hail, rain and sun. It is ideal for both individuals and businesses to provide additional service to customers or employees.

Easy parking!

In the development of our SOLPORT 2K, we have put the maximum user-friendliness in the foreground – How often do you torment yourself in narrow parking spaces and then, due to columns and foundations, hardly get out and back  into the vehicle!

Our SOLPORT 2K does not have these problems:

  • Pillars are only found in the area of ​​the front tire and only on one side of a parking space. Annoying shunting between obstacles is eliminated – and thus also reduces the risk of damaging the vehicle when parking!
  • In the area of ​​vehicle doors there are no foundations and no columns! Easy entry and exit and loading is possible on all doors of the car.
  • The foundations in the floor allow flat surfaces under the carport, no tripping hazards and no obstacles where doors can hit and be damaged!


Protection and power generation – use your existing space twice!

The power per 2 parking spaces amounts to 4.2 kWp – that should result in a yield of at least 4,200 kWh of electricity (assuming a sunny position).


Technical specifications:

    • maximum vehicle height: 2,1m
    • transit width (width between the columns): 5m
    • Material: hot-dip galvanized steel

This carport is intended for mounting on concrete foundations built by the customer. In order to enable safe and professional installation, we strongly recommend that you order the appropriate foundation and test statics. Since this is different for each installation site, this will be created by our structural engineer on request for you.

  • Konfigurieren Sie Ihren ganz persönlichen Wunschcarport per Mausklick
  • Beratungsservice und Angebot
  • Einzigartiges Baukastensystem
  • Geeignet für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen (Kunden, Mitarbeiter, Fuhrpark)
  • Optimaler Schutz vor Schnee, Regen, Hagel, Sonne
  • Preisgünstig durch Vorkonfektionierung und Serienfertigung in 12 Lastklassen
  • Konzipiert auch für schnee- und windreiche Regionen (Varianten bis zu 5,5 kN/m² Schneelast)
  • Bausatz für schnelle Montage
  • Lieferung von fix fertigen Teilen mit Schraubverbindungen
  • Montage: Sie benötigen ein Hubgerät und technisches Verständnis oder einen Montagepartner Ihres Vertrauens
  • 100% wasserdicht durch Trapezblech-Überdachung
  • Feuerverzinkte Stahlkonstruktion garantiert eine sichere und lange Lebensdauer
  • Türfreiheit und Wegfall des Anfahrrisikos durch optimale Konzeption der Konstruktion
  • Inkl. detaillierter Aufbauanleitung
  • Carport beliebig erweiterbar durch modulare Bauweise (in einreihiger/zweireihiger Form)

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